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This is a vegetarian product.

Moringa is considered as the most nutritious plant because of the health benefits in the small green leaves. The name is derived from murungai, the Tamil word for drumstick and the plant is commonly known as the drumstick tree. Moringa powder is made from freshly harvested leaves of moringa tree. This powder is prepared by drying the moringa leaves at low temperature such that the plant tissue reaches a fine powdered consistency, then it is screened to remove impurities. Once it is packed this powder remains fresh for several months, retaining its nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and complete amino-acids. The dried leaves are considered to be more nutritious than the green leaves that is why it preferred to use the dried leaves for making the moringa powder. It is easily soluble in water and can be used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes.



  • Lowers blood sugar levels and protects diabetes as it is rich in antioxidant called cholorogenic acid.
  • Consumption of moringa powder helps in weight loss.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Helps protecting your kidneys and liver.
  • Reduces fungal infections and acne.
  • Helps in healing food poisoning, UTI and stomach bugs, herpes and HIV as moringa is naturally rich in antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic compounds.
  • Hydrates skin and slows the signs of aging.
  • Treats low iron and anemia.
  • Consumption of moringa powder fights cancer.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Rich in various antioxidants.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Detoxifies body and also used to purify water.
  • Good for pregnant woman and lactating mothers.
  • Prevents hair loss, it contains amino acids and methionine which supplies sulphur to your hair.
  • Provides nutrients to the damaged hair follicles.
  • Improves metabolism and enhances metabolic rate
  • Aids improved hair growth.
  • Helps in hormonal balance and boosts the testosterone levels, enhances sex life.
  • Rich source of plant based protein.
  • Rich in antioxidant called quercetin, may help lower blood pressure.
  • Moringa powder is nutrient packed as it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, potassium, riboflavin and magnesium.


Directions to use NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder:

Sprinkle NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder onto salads, eggs, roasted veg or pasta.

Stir NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder into soups, dips, sauces, rice & stews.

Shake NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder into juice, coconut water & salad dressings

Blend NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder into sauces, green juices, smoothies & ice creams

Bake NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder into bread, brownies, muffins & cookies.

Steep NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder as a tea.

Stir NutraCare Oraganic Moringa Powder in a glass of water.


Why to choose NutraCare Organics

NutraCare Organics is certified by OneCert Asia.

NutraCare organics products are produced, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemicals, prohibits the use of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or chemical preservatives. The choice of consuming organic foods is thus a growing trend in the world of today following the realization of healthy self-improvement needs. NutraCare Organics main aim is to promote the Organic Movement in the world making it better place for people and the upcoming generations.

NutraCare Organics Moringa Powder Pouch, 200 g
Rs. 240.00

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